Since our foundation in 1997 we manufacture handles of brass, which are perfectly grinded and polished and then plated with more additional layers of different metals in different colours. Although our technology is at a high level, all the plated metal layers have their lifetime, which is limited to their hardness and abrasion resistance. People are slowly getting used to a lot of products with a limited guarantee and shorter and shorter lifetime, but do not have to.

"We prepared products made of material with a lifetime guarantee for you"


There is one way - traditional, but perfect, which we almost forgot, but we are helping to bring it back because it is the way of the highest quality with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, with a lifetime guarantee. We use high-quality natural brass that we adjust only mechanically, just as our ancestors did many years ago and then we let the material get old naturally, the same way as get old all brass products in traditional buildings all over the world. .